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VFX Tournament Covid Policy

WEVA COVID Waiver and Attestation should be filled out by EVERYONE who is attending the tournament and should be handed in during team check-in.

Pinnacle waiver - Please hand this waiver in during team check-in.

VFX Tournament Covid Protocol

Below is the detailed tournament protocol for VolleyFX February tournaments. It is a lengthy document, but I ask that you read through the entire document to insure we are all doing the right things to stay safe. Please understand that we are trying to do the best we can in these challenging times. VolleyFX has a responsibility to our site locations, governing bodies, guest clubs and to our club members to provide the safest and best opportunity for play.

Spectators at Pinnacle and Main Street Armory:

In accordance with WEVA Guidelines, each team is allowed one spectator per rostered player. Each team must submit a spectator list designating a spectator for each player by Friday 6pm before the start of the tournament. Spectators will be asked to verify their name on the list when entering the facility and hand in their Covid Waiver and Attestation form. Coaches, please go to to submit your spectator list for Pinnacle.

Spectators at the Main Street Armory must always stay upstairs unless getting concessions or using the restroom. Each team may designate 2 chaperones that will be allowed downstairs to chaperone the team and watch the team during their match. These rules are in place to meet the capacity limit at the Armory set in place by the local county health department.

Spectators for Tri-County Sports Complex:

In accordance with WEVA guidelines each team is allowed to have five adults attend the tournament in person, this includes coaches. For example, if you have two coaches on your roster, you are allowed to have three additional adults attend the tournament. The decision as to who attends the tournament will be made by the coaches. A reminder that the team binder should be with one of the adults in attendance and if you are playing at a site where the facility is not live streaming the play, it is recommended that one of the adults in attendance live stream the matches. The adults who are attending the event should have their names handwritten on the official roster by the team’s coach. If the parent representative for the team is one of the adults attending the tournament, their name should already be on the team’s official roster.


Covid Safety Protocols During the Tournament:

Each team should bring their own balls to warm up with. Even if the facility has provided warm-up balls in the past, they will not be doing so until further notice. Teams should not help the other team shag during warm-ups. The site will provide game balls. Teams will NOT be switching sides between sets and teams will NOT be shaking hands before or after the match.


The work team will be responsible for the following:

  • Cleaning the score table and game balls (this should happen first when the work team arrives at the court). Cleaning supplies will be provided courtside by host club,
  • Providing a scorekeeper. Score will be done on a tally sheet provided by the site. At VolleyFX run sites, the score sheet will be located at the site coordinator’s table. Score tracking will not be done in the traditional manner. Work team must provide writing utensils.
  • Providing a person to flip the score.
  • Providing a coach to down referee.
  • Returning the score sheet to the Site coordinator’s table after the match.


General Information:

  • All individuals are required to wear a mask at all times, this includes players and coaches.
  • Individual live streaming is prohibited at Pinnacle Sports Complex. The facility will provide a live stream at a cost of $10.00. The link for the live stream will be available on the day of competition. It will be given to coaches and it will be posted on the VolleyFX Website. (
  • There is no outside food allowed at The Armory and Pinnacle Sports Complex. Minimal snacks are allowed at Tri-County Sports Complex. If you are Competing at Tri-County Sports Complex you should have also received a lunch order menu from your coaches with directions as to how to order a bagged lunch.
  • Anyone competing at Pinnacle Athletic Complex is required to have their parents sign (they may sign themselves if 18 or older) a FACILITY PARTICIPATION/LIABILITY WAIVER FOR EVENTS. This document is available on our website. Sign on line one of the first page. Coaches will also have extra copies.
  • Everyone competing in an upcoming tournament is required to fill out the WEVA ASSUMPTION OF THE RISK AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY RELATING TO CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19. A new form needs to be filled out every time an individual participates in a tournament. (This document also requires a parent’s signature unless the participating individual is 18 years of age or older.) This document is available on our website as well and coaches will have extra copies.


If there are any questions or concerns, please contact VolleyFX Club Director Katie Nicholas at