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USA Volleyball Nationals for the 18 Open, USA, National and American take place at the end of April, compared to late June for the rest of the age divisions.  The VFX 181 team will be for seniors only and our 182 and 18R team structure to be determined during the tryout process based on player feedback. Our 182 and 18R teams have historically been combined teams made up of juniors and seniors. Since the teams are in different programs and offer different options to the players, we will use the tryout process to determine what is best for all the players involved.

If the teams remain combined, we will work with the teams to make schedules that work best for each group. If the tryout process determines all 18s teams will be seniors only, then we will add either a 172 or 17R team to our program structure to provide a playing opportunity for the juniors that would have been on those teams in our previous structure.

The season will run December - April and once the season is completed, all athletes will be invited to continue to train with our teams and attend our open gyms to stay connected to the game as they prepare to join their college teams the following fall.

13's - 17's

VFX will support travel and regional teams in the 13's - 17's age groups this year, with our anticipated teams in each program listed below:

Travel Teams: 182, 171, 172, 161, 162, 151, 152, 141, 142, 131, 132, 

Regional Teams: 17R, 16R, 15R, 14R, 13R

Travel teams will participate in a mix of local and travel events during the season. These teams will be exposed to competition in the Northeast and Midwest through their travel events and will compete locally for a bid to represent VFX at Nationals. At local events, our travel teams often will play up an age group in order to seek the best competition possible for the team. At travel events the team will room together and costs for each travel event will include the three player rooms, rooming for coaching staffs, and one chaperone room.

Our 162 team will be made up of the best combination of players in grades 9 and 10. We made this change in the 2015 season and expect to do the same for the upcoming year. 

Regional teams will attend most of their tournaments in either Buffalo or Rochester. Their schedule will potentially include 1-2 out of the area events that are within a four-hour driving distance for families. Regional teams will compete at their own age for all events and will be responsible to make their own individual hotel arrangements for the travel events. The team costs will include the coach's hotel room whenever it is necessary.

Both programs will run December - Mid May. Teams that qualify or choose to participate in a post - season event will continue to practice through June in preparation for the event.

12's and 13's Programs

The 2015-16 saw a huge change in our program structure for our 12U players and this year we will use the same structure in both our 12's and 13's age groups.

For both age groups, the season will be split into two sessions. This allows us the opportunity to give our players a better training environment and provide more players the opportunity to play. See below on the details of how to join and how the two sessions work together. Remember, if your daughter prefers, she can opt to only participate in session 1. Unfortunately due to the structure, players are not allowed to just join for session 2.

To participate in the VolleyFX 12's and 13's programs, players should plan register using the tryout form and attend both fall dates for the programs. The 12's program will not make any cuts during this time and the 13's program has space for 36 total athletes, so cuts will be dependent on the number of interested players.

Session 1: The first session will run December - early February (approximately 8 weeks) and is our skill development and training program. During the two months, players participate in practices 2x a week that are run by our lead program coaches in a group-training environment. The group training will include large and small group instruction that allow multiple coaches to work with each athlete.

Through high repetition and individual player feedback, the session will focus on developing the core skills and techniques of the game in each individual player. Our players will see the greatest individual growth and develop a strong knowledge of the skills that will lead to long-term success with the sport.

All players will participate in 2-3 tournaments and teams for each tournament in session 1 may not stay exactly the same. Families will know what events are on the schedule by October, just not their daughter's specific team for the event. Team makeups during the session can change as we want to give each player the opportunity to continue to improve in the training environment and the improvements can change team structures. Teams during this session will consist of 8-9 players so we can maximize individual play time. Team make up will most likely change for each event during this season so that players can be evaluated by the coaches in different team settings.

Session 2: The second session will run early February - April and players that are interested in continuing to play in this session must sign up by the end of January. We will communicate via email with the entire session 1 program and individual parents on this process.

For this session, players will be put on set, competitively selected teams that will be determined from the Session 1 training. Our session 2 focus is to expose the players to competitive team strategy and game play, allowing athletes to get valuable experience in a team setting.

Each team will have a set coaching staff, hold their own individual team practices and player positions may be more fixed. Teams will participate in 4-5 tournaments that can include up to two travel events. Any player that wishes to continue playing in the second session is welcome to join but teams will be made with a competitive mindset that groups the most similar players on each team. Practice time slots and days will be consistent from session 1 to session 2 for all players.