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VFX at a glance

VFX teams practice 2 nights/week at Pinnacle Athletic Campus. Costs for the season depend on the team your daughter is placed on and reflect both dues (gear, coaches, facility) and tournament costs (team registration, coaches food and gas stipends, and when necessary coaches hotels). Please note, that tournaments are not a-la-carte and tournament costs will reflect all tournaments on the team's schedule. Tournaments are subject to change based on acceptance and availability. 

2021 - 2022 Season WEVA Regional Final Rankings

VolleyFX had 9 teams qualifying for the USAV Girls Junior National Championships this past season! 

Finish 18u 17u 16u 15u 14u 13u 12u
1st NFVB 18 Navy VolleyFX 17-1 Rapture VolleyFX 16-1 Mantra VolleyFX 15-1 Chant NFVB 14 Navy NFVB 13 Navy VolleyFX 12-1 Wish
2nd VolleyFX 18-1 Magic Paradigm 17-1 NFVB 16 Navy NFVB 15 Navy VolleyFX 14-1 Conjure VolleyFX 13-1 Mystic NFVB 12 Navy
3rd VolleyFX 18-2 Mystery NFVB 17 Navy VolleyFX 16-2 Charm VolleyFX 15-2 Summon VolleyFX 14-2 Spell VolleyFX 13-2 Luck VolleyFX 12-2 Spirit

Can Multi-Sport Athletes Play VFX? YES!!

Sports science is conclusive that being a multi-sport athlete dramatically reduces risk of both injury and burnout in young athletes, and teaches great crossover skills from leadership to competitiveness that is invaluable to the development of elite volleyball players. VFX is committed to and believes in the value and importance of supporting our multi sport athletes. Many of our top athletes in the club are multi-sport athletes, and we are flexible in working around schedule conflicts to provide the very best experience. 

Thanks to our club size, we have a great amount of flexibility to allow players to practice with other teams to make up their missed time for other sports on a schedule that is best for them. 

VFX Teams

For the '21 - '22 season, VFX will be fielding Travel (12u - 18u) and Regional teams (13u, 14u, 15u, and 17u) pending the number of tryout athletes.

For 18u we plan to field 2 travel teams but may adjust depending on interest. 


Each team's tentative tournament schedule will be posted after finalized. 

Tryout Cost

Pre-Register before 8/7 : $40 

Walk-Up: $50 


If you choose to "pay offline", please bring cash or check (made out to VolleyFX) to check-in. 



Tryout Dates and Time


8/7  & 8/14 - 8:30am - 10:30am



8/7 & 8/14 - 8:30am - 10:30am



8/7 & 8/14  - 11:00am - 1:00pm



8/7 & 8/14  - 11:00am - 1:00pm



8/7 & 8/14  - 1:30am - 3:30pm



9/11 & 9/18 - 9:00am - 11:00am



10/23 & 10/30 - 9:00am - 11:00am

Important Tryout Info

What to Expect

VolleyFX Tryouts will have age groups trying out at the same time and same courts. At check in for tryouts, players will pay their tryout fee ($40) if not paid previously during registration and receive their tryout number to pin to their shirts. For our help in the team selection process, we ask girls to wear the shirt color for their corresponding Age level (as assigned by USAV age definitions). If your age level differentiates from your grade level, please contact so we can make notes for team selection determinations, and advise which tryout times to attend. 


18u: Black


17u: White


16u: Blue


15u: Grey


14u: Black


13u: Blue


12u: Black




USA Volleyball Age Definition Chart

Estimated Season Cost and Payment Due Dates

Team Season Dues (Due 11/1/22) Tournament Cost Estimate Tournament Cost Due 1/13 Tournament Cost Due 2/17 Tournament Cost Due 3/17 Nationals Cost Due 5/26
181 Magic
182 Mystery
171 Rapture
172 Illusion
17R Majestic
161 Mantra
162 Charm
16R Mirage
151 Chant
152 Summon
15R Galaxy
141 Conjure
142 Spell
14R Presto
131 Mystic
132 Luck
133 Trick
121 Wish
122 Spirit
123 Dream
124 Hope
125 Belief

2022-2023 Tentative Coaching Staff

Team Head Coach Assistant Coach Assistant Coach
181 Magic Rob Werkmeister Erica Cappellino Ron Cappellino Danielle Tracy
182 Mystery Katie Mazerski Kiana Walker Nicksen Sivongsa (VC)
171 Rapture Tara Jehlen Derryk Williams Erin Gerig (VC)
172 Illusion Bret Conklin Jeff Kotalik
17R Trance Dani Sayler Paulina Rein Joe Adams
161 Mantra Nicksen Sivongsa Lindsey Debonis David Cerqua (VC)
162 Charm Andy Guthrie Johnathan Klossner
16R Mirage Paige Recore Heidi Klossner
151 Chant Laura Thiele Kelly Weeks
152 Summon Doug Chlebove Kara Balmer Lisa (VC) Harpo (VC)
141 Conjure Bri Spears Cady Messmer
142 Spell Maureen Thayer Jessica Frost
14R Presto Jeff Orabaker Maddie Farsnworth